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   We’re a team of chefs and foodies that established the Provincial Table to share our love of Vietnamese cuisine.  Our market tour and four course cooking class are designed to more than simply guide guests through a series of recipes but give each visitor a glimpse into the lives of the Vietnamese, their traditions, and their values.  We want your experience to be as much of a cultural journey as it is a culinary one.  As a result, our staff is continually striving to fulfill the tenets of our mission statement by providing a course that is: 


Personal – Practical – Historical

Personal – to inspire you to incorporate the techniques and ingredients that compose Vietnamese culinary tradition into your own cooking.

Practical – to make it easy so you can carry forward principles learned and continue to pursue Vietnamese cuisine in your own home.

Historical – so you can appreciate the complex heritage and influences that have shaped Vietnamese cuisine.

   While you are in Saigon, we hope you have the opportunity to come and visit us, even if only to share a cup of Vietnamese iced coffee!

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