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Embark On A Journey Through the Culinary Traditions of Vietnam

A Hands-On Experience that will change Your Perspective

On Vietnamese Cuisine

Immersive Culinary Experience

Cooking Class &

Market Tour

Located in the heart of District One, Ho Chi Minh City, our chefs meticulously curate a daily menu inspiring guests from every corner of the world to discover Vietnam's vibrant culinary heritage.  

All Courses Provide:

Chef-Guided Four Course Cooking Class

In-depth Tour of Iconic

Ben Thanh Market

Private Cook Stations

Intimate Class Sizes

Vegetable Carving & Plating

Complementary Alcoholic Beverage

Elegant Vietnamese Cookbook 

Vegetarian Options Available Upon Request

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The Menu a date to update the menu

Green Mango Salad & Poached Prawn Garlic Calamondin Vinaigrette

Goi Xoai Tom

Ground Chuck w/ Lemongrass Wrapped in Wild Betel Leaves

Bo Nuong La Lot

Traditional Viet Noodle Soup w/ Poached Free Range Chicken

Pho Ga

w/ Vietnamese Style Espresso & Crushed Ice

Creme Caramel

***Vegetarian Options Available Upon Request

Culture Through Gastronomy


Cooking Class

Join us in our facilities where our chefs will lead you through a fully interactive four course meal. Each guest is assigned a private cook-station and provided the necessary ingredients to perfect a meticulously curated menu of classic Vietnamese dishes. Add new recipes and techniques to your culinary repertoire, all while experiencing firsthand the culture and heritage behind Vietnamese cooking.

Course Highlights:

Fully Hands-On, Chef Guided Cooking Class

Four Course Sit Down Meal

Intimate Class Sizes w/ Individual Cook Stations

Vegetable Carving & Plating

Elegant Vietnamese Cookbook with Classic Recipes 

Vegetarian Options Available Upon Request

Discover a Tapestry of Flavors Refined Across Millennia

Discover Your

Inner Chef 

Download Your Free

PDF Cookbook 

Learn How to Prepare 5 Vietnamese Classics Now!

*we never share your contact info

Immerse Yourself in the Delicate Foodways & Enduring Spirit of Vietnam

Procuring Regional Ingredients

Local Guided
Wet Market Tour

Our guided tour of Saigon’s most iconic market, Cho Ben Thanh, offers insight into how we procure meats and vegetables on a daily basis. Each visitor experiences firsthand the bustling wet markets that continue to be a part of Vietnamese people’s daily lives.

Market Tour Highlights:

Explore Vietnam's Most Iconic Wet Market, Cho Ben Thanh

Discover How Locals Procure Fresh Ingredients Daily

Learn to Bargain Through Proper Market Etiquette 

Understand the History Behind Spices & Flavors 

Free Transportation to Our Kitchen Facilities

“Hands down, my favorite experience during my time in 

Ho Chi Minh City ... Looking forward to returning for my next lesson!”

— Erica M, Australia

“What a fun and informative cultural activity! A MUST for anyone traveling to Vietnam. ”

— Castel B, Spain

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